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We are losing everything. I need help

WFoley78 started this conversation

I am a single mother of three children. In April I found out that I needed surgery to remove my uterus because sists keep developing. When I informed my boss on the 12th he fired me on the 16th. I was told that even though I put in over 1250 hours since I was only employed for 10 months that it was not pursueable in court. They offered no form of severence pay and did not pay me for hours due to me. After that I had to have surgury to remove my uterus. Due to the pain medications I had complications. I have sinced healed from the surgery to find no job. I have been looking for months to find a new job and for whatever reason I have not yet found one. I have since been selling all of our family items so that we have a home to live in. A couple of weeks ago on our way home from the doctors office my only vehicle broke down and they said that the engine is blown so I would have to replace the engine. We have been stuck at home for weeks now with no way to get to any store to buy groceries or to get my son's medicine. My son suffers from extreme ADHD and a sleeping disorder to which he has to take medicine for his symptoms. We are now out of medicine with no way to get to the pharmacy. Throughout this time, my son's father has been hospitalized for his liver shutting down, and we have no way to get my son to the hospital to see his father.

I have prayed everyday for something to go our way. But everyday something else happens. I need help severely all of our utilities are about to be shut off and I fear that we are going to lose our home. I usually do not like to ask anyone for help but I have no where else to turn,  we need help.

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How are you doing?
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dkc65   in reply to dkc65
excuse me, I shouldn't have said that, I'm sure that your belligerence is not your parents fault
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dkc65   in reply to dave22
I'll bet if you're parents are still around and read how you feel, they'd wish they would have used them
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Noone is gonna feel sorry for any of u. Nor will they help. Sorry but that's jus how the world is. U gotta do it on ur own and do with wat u hav. Stop complaining and get ur a$$es up and do sumthin about it. Do u think anyone cares about them homeless people that be on the side of the street beggin for money & food?? Nooo! Otherwise u wuldnt see them out there again the next day, next week and next month.
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foley.stand tall stand strong stand fast. you are still alive. god has a plan. you just keep your faitth momma something will give..
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Well the only reason why i have lost everything is because all these rich ass holes that run these companies work u like a slave for years make u feel like you are going some where untill they can find some younger person that can do the same amount of work for less money. Good old america.
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Im a single father of 3 girls no job no car Abby mom took off with the food stamps I been job Searching for 8 yrs no luck. The street is our meal ticket until then keep the faith and stay strong
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peyman88   in reply to MsMelanieD
im so sorry for your situation i can only Pray for both of you.
Dont lose your Hope your a really strong mother.
God will bless you
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MsMelanieD   in reply to peyman88
Just keep your head up! I am going through almost the same thing. I have a 10 year old, I am a single mother and only he and my mom basically left. she has a heart attack and almost died like 4 times. Now 10 months later, she just went back to work. We are 6 months behind on our mortgage, the septic needs pumped and I have no one to turn to for financial help. I feel hopeless!
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im male 24 i have a younger brother i take care of him hes , 22 my parents they both left us one day, im being evicted cause my landlord didnt pay rent . my car broke down today
im losing..... in Life.
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 in response to WFoley78...   I’m a 56 year old male, and never had a problem finding work but now things are very now things are very different. My house is going up for Auction April 27th, my wife works but doesn’t make enough to pay for everything plus rent and I too feel like your husband did. Depressed and hopeless.
There is only so much you can do. I have applied for jobs both in and out of the scope of my skills. These recruiters get me all excited and pumped up at the possibility of a match and then nothing.
I must submit at least 5 to 10 resumes per day.
Anyway what I was going to suggest may not be your cup of tea but surrender it all to God. It’s out of our hands and can’t force someone to hire us or make our problems go away. Jesus says bring your burdens to me, ask and you shall receive.
In my humble opinion if you have done all the foot work humanly possible only God has the power to help you, if you believe. When you ask for help with a hear full of doubt don’t bother wasting your time.
But believe and expect him to answer and he will. This is the very best advice I can give you that has a proven track record. The stress and anxiety I once experienced had gone away because I know God has a plan for me and for you, he says knock and I will answer.
God Bless,
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 in response to dave22...   YOUR AN ASS dave22!! You are the type to kick someone when they are helpless. You have not lived in her shoes their for have NO RIGHT to judge her!
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 in response to dave22...   you are a complete moran
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Lucky 128
 in response to disillusioned...   I feel for you for I too have lost my job and have been unemployed for 2 years. I'm a single mom with a 20 year old son that lives with me and he too is not working. I'm presently on State Disability for a illness and have applied for SSI and waiting to see if approved. If not approved my State Disability will run out in November and I and my son could be homeless soon. All I could suggest is your local Social Services of which can offer food stamps, housing in some cases, cash, medi-cal services. Don't know if you know Jesus and your Savior, but if not turn your life over to him for He cares for you and sees your situation. I too don't know what I will do, but try not to worry and give my situation over to Jesus. The bible says He will never leave nor forsake those that are His. I can truely say God has over the years brought me through some very difficult situations in my life. Trust Him with your situation for He can make the impossible possible. I will be praying for you and God Bless.
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Lucky 128
 in response to scare mom...   Go to your local Social Services and tell them your situation. Since you had to quit your job and the fact that you are the only one to care for your son you can get money to stay home with him and care for him. You might also see if your son would qualify for SSI. SSI is a long process of which can take a few months, but Social Services can help with housing, food stamps, etc. for you imediate needs. You should have no problem qualifing for help. Good luck to you and I will pray for you.
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Your first mistake is getting married which caused you to have 3 kids. You did not use condoms so its your own fault
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 in response to WFoley78...   I am 50 years old, widowed, with a 22 year old and 18 year old at home. Our family lived in a tiny but beautiful home for 17 years (paid for mind you). Nine years ago I had a problem with a man stalking me and with the police being unable to nab the guy, my husband insisted we move. We moved into a house we moved out of two years later - could not afford it. I always made the money while my husband made about 1/3 of what I did - no big deal right? After moving again, my husband became severely depressed and I thought we could manage on my salary. He got a part time job finally working at a restaurant. After awhile, he wanted to get an equity line loan, "just in case we have an emergency." After nine months, he had gone through it all without my knowledge (stupid wench I am, huh?)--$30,000. He began to drink excessively to the point where he wanted to die because of his stupidity and now our facing more payments. He ended up in the hospital with major bleed outs and ruined his liver (he had been alcohol free, so he says for five years). He put us in a very dangerous situation because I could not afford the mortgage and eqiuty payment. We were going into foreclosure. The only thing the bank could do for me was to give us an interest-only mortgage - which meant there was no money being applied to principal on a $95000 mortgage. He's been dead three years now. Here I am barely making it knowing I won't be able to remortgage to principal/interest because of the housing market. You talk about worry? Homlessness is all I think about. Life is damned scary and one never knows what will happen. I wish I was happy again.
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I will pray for you. I wish i could donate something but iam almost in the same boat. Just be strong.

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scare mom

I am a single mom with 4 kids and i just found out on mothers day that my youngest one has CMT disease andwe wouldnt hae found out if it wasnt for her falling off a porch and fracturing her hip. Now i had to quit my job and now i have no money for bills ad looking at gettting kicked out of my home. I don't know what to do. Can any one help me?????


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 in response to jennifer40...   

Have you tried your loval churches and community help center?  This is where you should start go to God to help you keep your life straight, my dearly departed husband had done 3 stints in prison, one in max for attempted, for a total of 11 calendar years as he would say.  He learned to weld there, but unlike years ago there are not incentives for companies to give people a chance to get back into society now, how come you are punished twice I use to wonder?  Check with the churches for work they are suppose to be christians or what ever branch.  I am Freedom Faith which just promotes God by any name and I will keep my prays on for you.

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